Introducing the Groups!

Diversity Through Citizenship-Year 10

Emily (14) Hena (15) Priya (15) Rayhana (15) Hannah (14) Syeda (15) Mariam (14) Lucy (15) Sally (14) Fahana (15) Saima (15) Elle (14) Kiran (14)

Diversity Champions- Year 9

Sanjeeta (13) – here to “make new friends with different people, with different communities together” Mewish (13) – Loves P.E and hates “people who think they know everything” Rachel (14)- wants to “learn about racism and human rights” Grace (13)- Loves soaps and plays netball Vicky (13)- goes horse-riding and loves orange lucozade Jamil (14)- was born in Bangladesh, is a Muslim, wants to learn about community and likes hip hop and r’n’b Lorna (13)- loves chicken, Green Day, Art, Spanish, Vimto and the colour light green Zunera (13)- is here to learn t get on with other people Cara (14)- is interested in human rights, equality and having fun Lois (14)- likes playing sports and listening to Little Boots Mohammed (13)-loves football and supports Liverpool Junaid (14)-here to get “better knowledge and know more about other cultures” Deven (13)- here because “otherwise I’d be at home and it is very educational and interesting” Emma (13)- plays the flute Chloe (13)- into N-Dubz Bethany (13)- loves chocolate and The Beatles “I am the walrus” Samuir (13)- here to “learn about socialising better with other people”

Diversity Champions- The Year 9 Group!


One response to “Introducing the Groups!

  1. I really enjoyed looking at the groups and their work

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