Is Fear of Terrorism Making Us Give Up Our Freedoms?

Kerris (15): I feel like terrorism is something i think about, especially when someone who looks a bit frightening gets on the bus or the train, you never know what could happen! Although i feel safer with these precautions in place, it makes me question them when people are arrested and they haven’t even done anything.

Katherine (17): I don’t feel threatened at all by terrorism; the risk posed is not as great as the media makes out sometimes.  There have only been two major incidents (7/7 and 9/11) and a few other attempts, so if you look at the actual number of attacks compared to the amount of hysteria there is, it does seem pretty overblown.  I think that Stop and Search powers are abused, as the police are hypersensitive to the perceived  risk.  I suppose it is better to be safe than sorry, but I think a step back and reevaluation of the actual threat is needed, before our civil liberties are compromised any further, although I do acknowledge that Britain is an extremely liberal society compared to other places in the world.


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