Islamic Extremism

Hannah (15):  Today at peacemakers we learnt about islamic extremism its upseting that people let religion get between them , we are all humans right? so why cant we just get along! people should never have to resort to violence to get there way.. i personally am not religious but cant understand how people can get so emotional that they kill other innocent people about something as stupid as the fact you dont follow the same beliefs! i think we should all just get along .. no god worth worshipping would want us to fight about this.

Rema (15) Islamic extremism is such a fascinating topic as i have learnt so much and also Islam is my religion, so learning about this made me realise that not everything and everyone is good. Islam doesn’t condone violence so i don’t see why these stupid TALIBANZ are putting a bad name to muslim. ITS JUST NOT FAIR|!  =[

Ankita (17): Islamic extremism is a rather controversial subject as every single person interprets it many different ways. However, if people examined it closely, they would find that it has a negative impact on our society and can affect so many lives. Violence is not the way to achieve what people want and by carrying out such acts can result in a negative portrayal of this religion. Everyone should respect each other’s views and opinions as well as their beliefs as God made us all.


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