Different Kinds of Extremism

There are different ways people can be Extreme and many different types of extremism. We have listed afew examples below. If you can think of others, why not post a comment?

Ethno-national Extremism: It is important to point out that Nationalism in itself is not extreme- it’s just a focus on the nation or national identity (think flags, anthems, the World Cup). Ethno-national extremists, however, have a particular idea of what they want the nation to be like. Their vision for the nation often means just one identity (which doesn’t include different cultures, colours, religions or ideas to them). This kind of extremism is often linked to Fascism and can be labelled right-wing extremism. It includes groups in the UK such as the BNP, English Defence League.

The English defence League in action

Another English Defence League March

Religious Extremism: every religion has extremists factions and these groups operate outside of normal religious practices. For example, Islam has Al Q’aeda, Christianity has the Klu Klux Klan, Judaism has Terror against Terror and Hinduism has Jagaran Manch. Many people who practice religions may not consider the views of extremist factions to have any relation to the religion that they themselves follow. Religious extremists often use religion to make strong demands on people, for example asking them to give up their lives in the name of God. They do not allow for compromise in their religion and see religion in black and white.

Ultimately any idea or belief can become extreme, think Political Extremism, Environmental Extremism or Animal Rights Extremism. These views may pose a threat to certain groups in society and may, or may not, become violent.

Saima (15): i think it waz gr8 2day and i enjoyed the FOOD! 😀 and erm, it waz gr8 doin the team work and workin wiv difernt ppl (:

Rema (14): i really enjoyed 2dey. i learned alot from the activites and group work we did. i think its important to learn about extremism and terrorism coz you hear it on the streets but you dont know the facts.

Reshma(17):Today everyone learned about the different types of extremism and overall the session went well and we also found out that people didn’t know that different type of extremism exists. Different types of extremism is an issue which i think needs to raised  as most young people thought there was one type of extremism e.g.Islam which isn’t true as other group carry out extremist activities such as kkk which is the Ku Klux Klan.


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